With new introductions coming soon, Zinnia marylandica Zahara offers a choice of 14 colours and 5 mixes, for your spring and summer colourful programmes. Disease resistant plants, with larger flowers than the competition, they have more colour impact that lasts in the landscape, with less care needed. Both series, single and double flowers, have the biggest blooms in bold colours.

Zahara – single flower

Height: 30 – 45 cm
Width: 30 – 45 cm
Spacing: 20 – 25 cm.

With 20% larger flowers than competing varieties, Zahara series mean more colour on the bench than any other disease-resistant zinnia…more retail impact. Outstanding performer in heat, drought.

Zahara double – the only fully double flower in Zinnia marylandica class.

Height: 40 – 50 cm
Width: 40 – 50 cm
Spacing: 20 – 25 cm.

The competition has smaller, semi-double flowers. Award-winning, all-season performance and durability in landscapes and containers, especially in sunny, hot and dry conditions. Intermediate size is perfect for mid-level plantings in the landscape. Works well in containers, too. New 2018 Fire Improved has a deeper colour saturation and larger flower size than current Fire.

Zinnia Double Zahara Culture Information

Take a look at the following presentation and you will find more information about Zinnia Zahara culture: PGR recommendations and influence of cultural and environmental factors.