Early Sales Opportunities in Perennials and Potted Plants

In the previous newsletters, we had introduced the early sales opportunities for annuals, biennials and cut flowers. Now, we will be highlighting some of the early sales opportunities for two other important plant categories within the 2020 new variety offerings. Meet PanAmerican Seed’s new introductions for perennials and potted plants, that have been made available for sale as of October 1st, 2018.

Perennial New Varieties

Lavandula Bandera Deep Purple and Deep Rose

The Bandera series from PanAmerican Seed is the first professional-quality seed L. stoechas series that produces quality comparable to vegetative varieties. The compact to medium habit offers good branching and uniformity, easily filling 10 to 18 cm pots. The plant flowers heavily on top, with a good secondary flush of flowers that overgrows the first flush. It is a self-cleaning series with a long flowering period, and the plants keep their dense, mounded habit without falling open.

This year two new colours have been added to the Bandera series, Deep Rose and Deep Purple. These varieties complement the series, offering the same strong colours found in vegetative varieties, and Bandera Deep Rose has the strongest rose colour from seed on the market! Plus, both Deep Rose and Deep Purple feature habit and timing that match the Bandera series.

Leucanthemum Madonna

Part of Fleuroselect’s Golden Trio 2020, the Leucanthemum Madonna! Fleuroselect rewarded Madonna with a gold medal, because of its beauty, nearly perfect uniformity in height and habit and its flowering performance. The Fleuroselect Gold Medal is awarded to new varieties that clearly surpass existing varieties in terms of breeding innovation and beauty.

As a new introduction, Madonna offers better uniformity in height and habit compared to the competition. This compact, first-year-flowering F1 shasta is an alternative to vegetative varieties that does not require vernalization and has no risk of bacterial infection. Madonna also features excellent vigour and leaf quality for optimal finishing in quarts and large containers using multiple plugs. This variety offers a reduced percentage of “too small” plants compared to standard seed varieties. Plus, 15% of petals may feature a laced-edge look for a unique appearance.

Salvia New Dimension™ Rose Improved

Another new showstopper this season is Salvia New Dimension Rose Improved. This variety offers better germination and larger spikes than the previous Rose within the series, and features the same habit to match New Dimension Blue. The New Dimension series provides the deepest blue and rose salvia from seed! These large, compact and well-branched plants have strong-coloured flowers that last in the landscape. This economical and easy-to-produce series fits well into annual production schedules, and finishes fast with no PGRs needed.

Salvia Salvatore Blue

Salvatore Blue is a new introduction Salvia with a premium look, and features the largest spikes and the deepest coloured calyx, spikes and flower in Salvia nemorosa from seed. Salvatore Blue is more vigorous than New Dimension Blue, making it better suited for 15 cm pots. Plus, it features striking black stems on well-branched plants. Salvatore Blue is ideal for annual and overwintering production, and it is possible to finish for early Spring with a 10-hour daylength, which was previously only possible with vegetative varieties.

Potted Plant New Varieties

Campanula Campanella™ Blue, Lavender and Pink

This new premium Campanula Campanella Series features larger blooms and more colours than other competing varieties. The Campanella series is available in three brilliant colours: Blue, Lavender and Pink, and the vigorous plants provide more flowers – filling large pots beautifully.