PanAmerican Seed offers a large assortment of Dianthus, which will fill gardens with their delightful fragrance and colour. Other varieties make the perfect cut flowers either on their own or mixed with other cut flowers from your garden.

We introduce you to our complete assortment, plus some of the new varieties that are recently introduced by PanAmerican Seed.

Cut Flowers:

Dianthus Amazon™

Amazon can be produced year-round and is the best dianthus you can grow for Summer production. Whether you’re looking for a high-appeal filler for bouquets or an exceptional product for monoculture bunches, Amazon is the one you want! The three colours included in the series, Neon Purple, Neon Cherry and Rose Magic, are brilliant and eye-catching. Neon Purple and Neon Cherry practically glow, their colours are so intense and vivid. The flowers of Amazon Rose Magic go through a “magical” transformation as they bloom. The flowers open a bright white, age to a soft pink and finally finish up an intense rose. All three colours appear simultaneously in each cluster of flowers.

Amazon Dianthus are taller than other dianthus, growing up to 90 cm tall. Although they are relatively tall, full-grown plants are not leggy. The flowers form an almost-solid layer over the plants, and flower stalks at the edge of a planting tend to bend over creating a full appearance.

Dianthus Sweet™

How Sweet it is! This is the best commercial D. barbatus series available. With no vernalization needed for first-year-flowering, you can program for year-round production. Add to that the very uniform height and flowering, excellent retail holdability and 11 separate bright colours, and you’ve got one sweet series to grow and send to market! Dianthus is a lovely cut flower, sweetly fragrant with a wide colour palette and a large following. Very uniform for height and flowering time.

  • Top-notch filler series features large, fragrant and long-lasting blooms on strong, straight stems.
  • Produces high yields of saleable stems.
  • Taller growth comes from early, Autumn-transplanted, greenhouse-grown plants.


Dianthus Corona™

Wow ’em with the biggest blooms of any Dianthus chinensis!! With its exceptional flower form and an appealing palette of colour choices, Corona gives its best performance in cool-season landscapes, gardens and patio planters. Dianthus Corona is available in four colours: White, Cherry Red, Rose and Strawberry. This year we will add a NEW Mixture to the Dianthus Corona series.

  • At 5 to 8 cm, Corona’s blooms are larger than the competition, plus it offers uniform flowering time and habit.
  • Produces multiple flowers on a compact, mounded plant.
  • Gives its best performance in cool weather, making it great planted along with other cool-season annuals such as pansies.
Dianthus Dash™

Stylish and elegant choice for container programs, Dianthus Dash is the best D. barbatus for premium pots. Dash is fast to flower and produces long-lasting, big, blousy flowerheads that bring quick Summer colour to the garden and look great in vase displays.

  • Naturally compact and well-branched – needs less to no PGRs for easy, year-round container production.
  • Sweet William-type dianthus requires no vernalisation for flowering.
  • Produces masses of fragrant blooms.
  • Low-energy crop can be grown cool for cost savings.
Dianthus Dynasty

More elegant than the common Sweet William, these double-flowered dianthus that look like mini-carnations have a delightful fragrance too! Very well-branched, upright and strong-stemmed, these excellent landscape and garden performers double as a great backyard cut flower.

  • Fast-blooming plants respond well to growth regulators applied for potted plant height and tighter umbels.
  • Performs as a perennial in USDA Hardiness Zones 6a to 9b (-23 to -4°C minimum temperature).
Dianthus Floral Lace™

Named for their lacy, serrated petals, the Floral Lace Series has bright green leaves and the largest blooms of any dianthus of its kind. Great choice to be used as a border, placed in rock gardens, or used in a cut flower arrangement. Also, makes for a great companion plant with Pansies in both early Spring and Autumn.

  • Early flowering with the largest blooms of any D. chinensis x barbatus – up to 4 cm across.
  • Performs well in gardens under tough conditions as an annual or biennial.
  • Good for high-density Spring and Autumn pack or small pot programs.

The Floral Lace assortment has been extended with one NEW colour: Floral Lace Red. This rich, red-burgundy represents a key colour that was missing from the series.

Dianthus Ideal Select™

Excellent for pots, packs and landscapes. Flowers are colourful and bright on compact plants that bloom continuously all Summer long. Easy to grow, requires little maintenance and withstands Summer heat.

Selected for well-matched habit and tight flowering window so you can bench run faster and ship all together, Ideal Select offers the best colours of the original Ideal series. Early flowering – good for use as an annual or biennial. Bright green leaves contrast well with clusters of brightly coloured, lacy-edged flowers. Well-suited to high-density pack or small pot programs for Spring and Autumn sales.

Dianthus Interspecific Jolt™

Jolt is the most heat-tolerant interspecific Dianthus on the market with shocking Summer colour! Jolt is a durable landscape product that has fewer disease issues and will continue to flower without setting seed.

  • Electrifying colours and all-season performance make Jolt stand out in landscapes and premium containers.
  • Highly durable plants withstand hot conditions with few disease issues and continue to flower without setting seed.
  • Grower-friendly, well-branched plants are easy to produce with less to no PGRs.
  • Perfect for Summer premium grower choice quarts and gallons to command a higher price point.
  • Strong dark green foliage.
  • Performs as a semi-hardy annual in Zone 7 (0°F/-18°C minimum temperature) and milder.
  • All-America Selections National Winner Jolt Pink continues to stir up consumer excitement with extra publicity and promotion.


Dianthus Rockin’™

A party in the garden with red, lacy flowers that bloom from early Spring well into Autumn, this dynamite series will keep perennial borders rocking for years to come, thanks to vivid colour, durable performance and count-on-it overwintering! Long bloom time and upright growth habit makes ‘Rockin’ Red’ a classy high performing border plant, and outstanding for beautiful bouquets.

  • The Rockin’ Series opens the door to product sales in perennial premium pot-programs for mid-Spring and the Autumn decorating season.
  • Lacy, slightly scented flowers top full and long-lasting plants – this one delivers lots of plant for the money, and that’s sure to satisfy shoppers.
  • Reliably overwinters to USDA Zone 5 (-29°C minimum temperatures) to assure multi-year performance.
  • The best colour intensity occurs in the high light and cool temperatures of outdoor production.