Angelonia Serena® & Serenita®: Perfect Components of Summer Mixes.

Serena and “little sister” Serenita are the only seed angelonias on the market, giving you the premium results you expect from vegetative varieties. Because they are heat-loving and have low-water needs, they are great additions to Summer combos.

Both series can be mechanically sown, and plants require no pinching, meaning less labour and lower cost than vegetative types. They thrive in sun and partial sun, and are tolerant to heat, drought and rabbits, which gives them high landscape durability.

Serena branches exceptionally well without pinching, producing full plants. Serena is heat-loving with low-water needs, making it well-suited to landscapes, gardens and mixed containers.

Serenita has a naturally compact growth habit that makes it more manageable for production in warmer climates and high-density situations. Serenita has all the good looks, durability and easy production of Serena – with a few additional benefits. It provides an excellent solution where shorter and more manageable material is needed and is great for high-density production. Grow Serenita with less to no PGRs for cost savings.

Both series can be part of mixes and combos for Summer sales.

Serena & Serenita can easily be mixed in trio for better colour impact. The presentation below, based on Dutch trials at the PanAmerican Seed facility in Venhuizen, will help you to make the best choice for your growing conditions.

Serena & Serenita are also part of our Plug & Play program, our collection that offers you tested combos with unstoppable performance from bench to store to garden. Find all the details about our new warm season combos for Summer in the Plug & Play brochure.