If you are familiar with Petunia Easy Wave varieties then you know you will always stand out in the petunia market by providing a wide array of decorator colours. Put the huge versatility to work – they’re perfect for solo and mixed planters, baskets, gardens and landscapes. Best of all, these all-season sales makers deliver customer-pleasing performance all Summer long.

Available in 16 colours plus 8 mixes, Easy Wave simplifies production, maximizes plug yields and ensures you meet every ship date for every colour. It lets you grow specialty mixes, too!

Lavender Sky Blue is a great colour addition to the Easy Wave series. It features shades of lavender to sky blue, and colours will be darker under cooler and lower light conditions. With a moderate plant vigour, Lavender Sky Blue is the least daylength sensitive variety within the series (requiring 9.5 hours daylength) and can be grown as a cold-durable variety with less energy.

Petunia Easy Wave Lavender Sky Blue

NEW Petunia Easy Wave Lavender Sky Blue at a grower in the West of France