Big Blue is a vigorous interspecific Salvia that fulfills landscape needs and is attractive in big pots at retail.

Salvia Big Blue is exactly what its name says – a vigorous flowering annual in a sales-inspiring clear blue colour. The first of its type from seed, this big beauty will pump up mid-Summer sales in large containers. Super easy and super showy for both landscapers and home gardeners for their back-of-border plantings, sending out blue spires continuously from July to first frost with little to no extra care.

Salvia Big Blue is vigorous: height ranges from 60 to 90 cm, width is between 45 to 50 cm and it should be spaced 40 to 45 cm at planting.

Flowering of Big Blue is influenced by temperature, daylength and Daily Light Integral (DLI). Based on recent PanAmerican Seed® research in North America, the presentation below will explain the effect of these different factors and how to use them to better schedule the flowering time of Big Blue and hit specific sales goals.

Great performer in heat and low-watering conditions, this low-maintenance plant does not need deadheading. Plus, it is very attractive to pollinators, with hummingbirds, bees, butterflies and more flocking to it in the garden. At its best in full sun, Salvia Big Blue will also tolerate dappled shade or partial sun.