In our previous newsletter, we introduced some of our new varieties that were made available as of April 1st. Luckily, we have more introductions to share with you! You can read all about this wide-ranging lineup of products here.

Angelonia Serenita® Rose F1

Angelonia Serenita Series has all the good looks, durability and easy production as the Angelonia Serena® Series, with a few benefits. Serenita is an excellent solution when shorter and more manageable material is needed, and is great for high-density production. NEW Rose has deep to mid-rose shades and is darker than Pink. The plant height and vigour are a good match for the series.

Angelonia Serenita Rose
Bacopa Pinktopa

Bacopa Pinktopia F1

First-ever bacopa from seed performs well in large planters and mixed containers.

A new bright pink colour joins the only seed collection of F1 hybrid bacopa, NEW Pinktopia, with the same timing and habit as Blutopia® and Snowtopia®. The leaf size is the same as Snowtopia, but the leaf colour is a brighter green than both Blutopia and Snowtopia.

Calibrachoa Kabloom™ Series F1

We expanded the Calibrachoa Kabloom Series to include six new colours and one improved variety, with the entire series now consisting of 9 beautiful colours total! All of our Calibrachoa varieties are now supplied as Precision™ Multi-Pellets. This upgraded seed form provides reliable plug production, with uniform quality in plug trays and improved order fill rate – resulting in a great-performing product!

Kabloom is the first calibrachoa from seed and it allows you to schedule based on your needs, not on cutting availability dates. Best of all…grown side by side with vegetative varieties, it is impossible to tell the difference. The new colours in the series are Blue, Cherry, Coral, Light Pink Blast, Orange and Pink, plus, the existing White variety has been improved.

Cuphea Pink Shimmer

Cuphea Pink Shimmer was one of the products that sparked the most interest during this years’ California Spring Trials. Attendees really liked this cuphea for its landscaping capabilities and its great performance in large-container combinations. Pink Shimmer offers better natural branching and the petite flowers cover the delicate leaves all Summer long. This reblooming gem requires no deadheading and looks great, even under hot conditions.

Dianthus Corona™ Mixture F1

Wow ‘em with the biggest blooms of any dianthus of this type. With its exceptional flower form and palette of showstopping colours, Corona adds a nice touch to cool-season landscapes, gardens and patio planters. Brighten colour bowls and gardens with this NEW Mixture, including Cherry Red, Rose, Strawberry and White. Huge flower size and uniformity make Corona the best choice in this class of dianthus.

Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Lemonberry F1

PanAmerican Seed® is the only professional supplier of this unique, frilly flower form – count on reliable seed supply. Pansy Frizzle Sizzle is great for cool-season Winter and early Spring end cap displays. The bright colours of Frizzle Sizzle Lemonberry look great in containers and “close-up” landscapes.

Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Lemonberry
Pentas Lucky Star

Pentas Lucky Star® Series F1

Pentas Lucky Star Series is bred for the fastest follow-up blooming of any full-colour series pentas on the market. Nonstop colour means plants look better getting off the truck and they just keep getting better in the store! Plus, this colour-rich series has a tight, compact habit that keeps them looking tidy with virtually no effort.

NEW Pentas Lucky Star Lipstick matches the series with fast secondary follow-up blooming and a compact habit.

NEW Pentas Lucky Star White Improved is now the best choice on the market for compact pentas. Variety is earlier to flower, with increased vigour and a better habit.

Petunia Double Cascade Valentine F1

The Double Petunia Double Cascade Series has an outstanding habit and good branching. The program is excellent for late Spring sales and is well-suited for larger containers, mixed combination planters and beds.

NEW Double Petunia Double Cascade Valentine has beautiful red blooms that can have splashes of white appear on some of the tips. The unique double flowers feature a delicate fringe.

Viola Sorbet® & Sorbet® XP Series F1

Grow, ship, sell and plant the best-looking violas for Spring and Autumn. Sorbet XP genetics deliver a uniform plant habit and the tightest bloom window. This year PanAmerican Seed introduces NEW Viola Sorbet XP Neptune, with a beautiful cream with blue picotee colour and the XP performance.

NEW Viola Sorbet Rose Wing has a deep pink to rose cap with a white face. Variety has a slightly darker colour than pink wing and the colour will be most intense under cooler conditions.