In week 18, PanAmerican Seed organized their annual Spring Trials in Venhuizen, The Netherlands. Customers could visit the trials during this week to see all introductions for this year, and they might have gotten a sneak-peak at what is coming up for the years ahead.

Overall, the visitors were very enthusiastic about the trials. From their responses, we put together an overview of the most exciting varieties. Of course, there is a difference in region, taste and needs, but the majority of visitors showed special interest in the following products:

New attractive bellflower series, Campanula Campanella features bigger blooms and fills pots better with more flowers.

The more vigorous plants are suitable for larger pots. Campanella is available in three beautiful and trendy colours: pink, blue and the unique lavender.

The Lavandula Bandera series is the first professional-quality seed stoechas series that produces quality comparable to vegetative varieties. The compact-to-medium habit offers good branching and uniformity, easily filling 10 to 18-cm pots. The plant flowers heavily on top, with a good secondary flush of flowers that overgrows the first flush. It is a self-cleaning series with a long flowering period, and the plants keep their dense, mounded habit without falling open.

This year two spectacular colours have been added to the Bandera series, Deep Rose and Deep Purple. These varieties complement the series, offering the same strong colours found in vegetative varieties, and Bandera Deep Rose has the strongest rose colour from seed on the market! Plus, both Deep Rose and Deep Purple feature habit and timing that match the Bandera series.

Salvatore Blue is an attractive Salvia with a premium look, and it features the largest spikes and the deepest-coloured calyx in Salvia nemorosa from seed. Salvatore Blue is more vigorous than PanAmerican Seed’s New Dimension™ Blue, making it better suited for 15-cm pots. Plus, it features striking black stems on well-branched plants.

Salvatore Blue is ideal for annual and overwintering production, and it is possible to finish for early Spring with a 10-hour daylength, which was previously only possible with vegetative varieties.

PanAmerican Seed expanded the Calibrachoa Kabloom™ series to include six new colours and one improved variety, with the entire series now consisting of 9 beautiful colours total! All of our Calibrachoa varieties are now supplied as Precision™ Multi-Pellets. This upgraded seed form provides reliable plug production, with uniform quality in plug trays and improved order fill rate – resulting in a great-performing product!

Lavandula Bandera Deep Purple

Calibrachoa Kabloom at CAST 2019

Kabloom is the first calibrachoa from seed, and it allows you to schedule based on your needs, not on cutting availability dates. Best of all…grown side by side with vegetative varieties, it is impossible to tell the difference. The new colours in the series are Blue, Cherry, Coral, Light Pink Blast, Orange and Pink, plus the existing White variety has been improved.

Create extraordinary garden appeal with the Zinnia Zesty™ series. Zesty has fully double flowers and excellent garden vigour. It will bring you bright colours all season long. All colours look impressive in containers, mixed combinations and borders. Besides that, Zinnia Zesty is irresistible for pollinators. It includes five colours – Fuchsia, Pink, Purple, Scarlet and White, plus a mix.

In the presentation below you can see an update of our Spring Trials in Venhuizen.