PanAmerican Seed® debuts five new tuberous begonia series with a wide selection of colours, including unique bicolours, along with some of the world’s largest blooms! Choose from a range of plant vigour, habits, flower shapes, colours and sizes.

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Tuberous Begonia On Top Sun Glow

On Top Sun Glow, grower trial in the Netherlands

Tuberous Begonia Amerihybrid Picotee Sunburst

AmeriHybrid Picotee Sunburst, field trial in South East of France

AmeriHybrid® series for bigger pots
AmeriHybrid® Begonia is a vigorous type (height: 35 to 50 cm) that will finish 11 to 15 weeks after transplant as an XL plant with a premium price at retail. There are three AmeriHybrid® series, varying by flower shape:

AmeriHybrid® Picotee
Large, 10 to 20-cm, bicolour blooms. The Picotee Lace types are an inverted variety of a normal picotee; these blooms have light edges on dark-coloured petals.

AmeriHybrid® Roseform
10 to 20-cm or larger blooms, for a different, more elegant and refined flower shape. AmeriHybrid Roseform begonias display smooth-petalled, symmetrical blooms.

AmeriHybrid® Ruffled
13 to 23 cm each, AmeriHybrid Ruffled Begonias boast the largest blooms in the world! That’s the result of over 100 years of patient breeding and hybridising. Each flower has a highly consistent double shape.

Tuberous Begonia Amerihybrid Ruffled Mandarin Orange

AmeriHybrid Ruffled Mandarin Orange, grower trial in the Netherlands

On Top® for early season
Mounded plants show off many 5 to 13-cm flowers. More compact (height: 25 to 30 cm) than the AmeriHybrid® collection, with an assortment of novelty colours. The On Top series tolerates more heat and sunlight than other begonias, and blooms earlier and flowers longer than other varieties.

Sun Dancer™ for hanging baskets
5 to 13-cm blooms are larger than other varieties. Trailing type with double-flowered plants, Sun Dancer™ produces more blooms than other varieties. Plus, its excellent branching habit fills a hanging basket quickly and cascades up to 40 cm.

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