Viola cornuta Quicktime is a totally new series bred for faster flowering on a well-branched, full-bodied plant. With reduced daylength sensitivity, it flowers two weeks faster than comparable series on the market. This allows many new options, such as, sowing your Viola crop two weeks later while still shipping on time for Spring, or filling late orders due to shorter crop time.

Viola Quicktime flowering earlier than standard Viola cornuta
(Sowing Week 39 – photo taken Week 6 in Venhuizen, NL)

You will find all scheduling details in the presentation below to make best use out of this new opportunity, to fulfill your needs and the markets. Quicktime is supplied as raw and primed seed, with a plug crop time of 4 to 5 weeks. Transplant to finish time depends on the growing temperatures: in Spring this is 5 to 6 weeks at 12⁰C and in Autumn, 3 to 4 weeks. All details about Viola Quicktime can be found in the GrowerFacts.

The Quicktime series offers full-bodied plants that quickly fill out the pot or pack. These compact plants have a uniform habit, with early-blooming and free-flowering. The plants are covered with 3 to 4-cm blooms, which provide bright colour in early Spring and Autumn gardens.