Cool Wave is the best-performing spreading pansy series with beautiful colour for Spring and Fall. Cool Wave beats other pansies for vigour and overwintering; it is the earliest pansy to return in the Spring. The plants ultimately spread up to 60 to 75-cm in containers, they are great in combos, pots, hanging baskets and as groundcover.

Since the launch of Cool Wave, we continue to work hard to supply new colours, improvements and new technical information to make it easier for you to grow and sell Cool Wave.

To assist you in growing the best pansy ever, we have a lot of information available:

  • Depending on your sales time target for Cool Wave, you will check out the Grower Facts for Autumn sales or for Spring sales.
  • The presentation below will give insight in the optimal days to Move Out of Chamber Germination (OGC) and we reviewed the Daylength and PGR response of Pansy Cool Wave.

Then all you have to do is choose from the 14 colours and 3 mixes available. Or make it simple by choosing them all!