Striking colours, bold patterns and rich textures

Foliage plants are becoming increasingly popular. With the large Coleus assortment of PanAmerican Seed, including Coleus Premium Shade, Black Dragon, Wizard series and Coleus Premium Sun and the introduction of the new collection Sol of  foliage celosia (Gekko Green and Lizzard Leaf), we offer more possibilities from seed in the green pot and bedding segment. And do not forget the wide range of other foliage and structure plants like our Color Grasses, Dichondra and Alternanthera for example.

Coleus Premium Sun offers show-stopping colours, bold patterns and rich textures. Landscapers and gardeners love these varieties for their great looks and reliable performance in sunny gardens and patio planters. To have the best Coleus in both sun and shade, our Cultural Research department did some trialing and testing to see if PGR or light conditions could affect the foliage colour of Coleus. The presentation below will give an insight in this.

Coleus Premium Sun varieties, Sun Lime Delight, Chocolate Covered Cherry, Crimson Gold, Mighty Mosaic, Pineapple Surprise and Watermelon, were generally greener when grown under shady conditions. The plants showed a deeper green colour and the plants looked more pale. Plants showed more intensive, brighter and vivid colour when grown under no shade conditions. Overall, PGR did not show significant effect on the foliage colour in all tested varieties except for Pineapple Surprise and Watermelon.

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