Stronger, longer perennial colour

Perovskia Blue Steel is one of our top-performing perennials, and also known as ‘Russian sage’. Growers can now produce high-quality, affordable Perovskia atriplicifolia from professional seed. Blue Steel offers higher and much more uniform germination than other seed varieties. Growing beside leading vegetative varieties, you can’t see the difference, and it is much faster to grow!

Plant quality examples of Perovskia Blue Steel (front) and Perovskia Little Spire (back) at a grower in the center of The Netherlands. Showing the full habit and good branching of Blue Steel.

This Perovskia combines the best summer-blooming lavender-blue colour with outstanding late-season garden performance. The aromatic silvery foliage carries clouds of small blue flowers on strong silver stems that do not break or split easily. Blue Steel is a compact Perovskia (50-60 cm first year, 80-90 second year) with sturdy controlled habit. Hardy in zone 4a and higher, Russian Sage is both heat and drought tolerant – perfect for landscaping and accent plants!

  • Exposure: sun tolerant.
  • Soil moisture needs: dry, average soil.
  • Critter Resistance: rabbit and deer resistant.
  • Pollinator friendly.
  • Attributes: long blooming, drought tolerant, fragrant
  • Season of interest (flowering): Autumn, Summer, late Summer.
  • Season of interest (foliage): late Summer, Autumn.

With a plug crop time of 5 to 11 weeks (depending on the tray size), and a finish crop time of 9 to 15 weeks (depending on the season and the pot size), Blue Steel is much faster to grow than varieties from cutting. GrowerFacts

Grower Trial in Western-France, showing the uniformity of Perovskia Blue Steel
(3L pot with 1 ppp, sowing week 12, potting 20, photo week 27 – start flowering)

In the two presentations below, you can read more about Perovskia Blue Steel production:

  • The first document will give you more details about plug production, the best germination conditions and PGR responses.

  • The second presentation is about finish plant, light and PGR response, with more information about growing Perovskia Blue Steel.